[pdftex] SVG and pdftex.

Jim Diamond Jim.Diamond at acadiau.ca
Tue Nov 3 18:50:30 CET 2009

On Tue, Nov  3, 2009 at 17:59 (+0100), Robert wrote:

> On 01.11.2009 17:52 Uhr, Victor Ivrii wrote:
>> First, lualatex complained about microtype (which methink should be
>> expected) 

> Not really. microtype is supposed to be compatible with luatex, but since 
> luatex primitives have been renamed in TeXLive 2009, it currently breaks. 
> This will soon be fixed on CTAN, but for now you can say

> \let\luaescapestring\luatexluaescapestring

> before loading microtype.

>> Lualatex produced the same 2508 pp as pdflatex with microtype albeit
>> pdf was 15.8 with lualatex rather than 14.1 with pdflatex. So I
>> presume that microtype functionality at least partly in luatex
>> included

> No. Luatex has inherited some of pdftex's microtypography features (viz., 
> protrusion and expansion), but they will only be activated if you load the 
> microtype package. If the two files are the same, this means that the one 
> generated with pdftex does not activate microtype, either.

Notwithstanding the use of the word "pdftex", I assume when you say
"package" you mean a latex package.

Are there any plans afoot to facilitate the use of microtypography in
luatex for plain tex users?


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