[pdftex] SVG and pdftex.

Robert w.m.l at gmx.net
Tue Nov 3 17:59:46 CET 2009

On 01.11.2009 17:52 Uhr, Victor Ivrii wrote:
> First, lualatex complained about microtype (which methink should be
> expected) 

Not really. microtype is supposed to be compatible with luatex, but 
since luatex primitives have been renamed in TeXLive 2009, it currently 
breaks. This will soon be fixed on CTAN, but for now you can say


before loading microtype.

> Lualatex produced the same 2508 pp as pdflatex with microtype albeit
> pdf was 15.8 with lualatex rather than 14.1 with pdflatex. So I
> presume that microtype functionality at least partly in luatex
> included

No. Luatex has inherited some of pdftex's microtypography features 
(viz., protrusion and expansion), but they will only be activated if you 
load the microtype package. If the two files are the same, this means 
that the one generated with pdftex does not activate microtype, either.


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