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Sun Mar 15 00:21:49 CET 2009

Am 2009-03-14 11.Sa um 14.41 schrieb mateo teo:
> Gmeometic almost works. It changes paper and margins properties. By  
> using the layout package I see that all properties are changed  
> correctly, but in the Adobe Reader I see that the paper is still A4  
> instead of A3. I think it's because gmeometric uses XeTeX instead of  
> pdfTeX.

Perhaps one should report that to Grzegorz Murzynowski?

> Below is my solu
> %change to a3 paper
> \geometry{a3paper}
> %commit changes
> \onecolumn
> %change real paper size
> \pdfpagewidth=297mm
> \pdfpageheight=42cm
> It is possbile to omit last 2 lines?

Hmm, haven’t testet that on my own, but did you try the landscape  

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