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Smith, Stephen SmithSJ at mar.dfo-mpo.gc.ca
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I would like to thank everyone (Robin Fairbairns, Alain Matthes, Heiko Oberdiek) for replying to my question.  I was challenged to read to the log closer to see who exactly was loading hyperref.sty.  The actual sequence was Harvard.sty -> html.sty -> hyperref.sty.  
Sebastian Rahtz's suggestion of using  \hypersetup{draft=true} in the preamble was exactly what I needed. I had seen this command in the documentation for hyperref but did not click into seeing that it could be used to change this setting.  Thank you Sebastian.



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Smith, Stephen wrote:
> Let me clarify my question.  I am using pdfLaTex which as I understand it (from the log) loads hyperref.  At this time I want to turn off all of the hyperlinks when I create the pdf file (imitating the draft option in hyperref).  I have searched the FAQs, pdfTeX manual and google but no luck. Can some tell me how to do this?
Why do you say "imitating the draft option in hyperref "?
Why not just actually _use_ the hyperref draft option?

Maybe what you are missing is the \hypesetup command,
which can be used to add options to hyperref
after it is loaded, ie in your document. so


in your document preamble would likely be the command
you need.

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