[pdftex] FW: Turning off hyperlinks in pdfLaTex

Alain Matthes alain.matthes at mac.com
Thu Mar 20 20:41:22 CET 2008

Le 20 mars 08 à 19:45, Smith, Stephen a écrit :

> Let me clarify my question.  I am using pdfLaTex which as I  
> understand it (from the log) loads hyperref.  At this time I want to  
> turn off all of the hyperlinks when I create the pdf file (imitating  
> the draft option in hyperref).  I have searched the FAQs, pdfTeX  
> manual and google but no luck. Can some tell me how to do this?


It's not pdflatex but perhaps a package like "beamer" which loads  
"hyperref" .

Best Regards

Alain Matthes

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