[pdftex] Multiple references to image fails.

John Culleton john at wexfordpress.com
Sun Jun 15 03:09:09 CEST 2008

On Saturday 14 June 2008 10:54:56 am Sebastian Rahtz wrote:
> John Culleton wrote
> > Yes indeed.  However I am using functions such as bookmarks etc.
> > that require pdftex.
> since when did bookmarks require pdftex? they've
> worked since prehistoric times with all
> three pdf-creating routes.

I spoke carelessly. It is the \pdfximage statements that won't 
cooperate when I use \pdfoutput = -1 or so.   In any case I need to 
work with pdftex and \pdfoutput = 1.   Plain tex won't handle png's 
and such AFAIK.

It is perhaps a tempest in a teapot since I have been able thus far to 
use low res images and stay under the limit.  But it would be nice to 
be able to reuse graphics at more than one size without reloading 
them.  Sooner or later I will reach the  limit.  If I include the 
four color cover the file is at 416,672 bytes and I am only to page 

It is a bit late to start all over again with Context but it seems to 
have the facility to reuse the same figure at different sizes without 
reloading it. Or am I confused on this point also?

John Culleton
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