[pdftex] Raw pdf codes for Acrobat Reader setup.

Peter Rolf peter.rolf at arcor.de
Sat Jul 19 22:19:02 CEST 2008

John Culleton schrieb:
> It is possible in Acobat Reader to view multiple page spreads book 
> style, with a single title page on the right followed by left-right 
> pairs with the even page on the left, just as the finished book will 
> appear (Kpdf won't do this.)
> I assume it is technically possible to insert raw pdf code in a pdf 
> file to cause this setup to happen automatically on opening. But I 
> have no idea what the codes are. This is AFAIK a fairly recent 
> addition to Acrobat Reader. Pdftex allows for the insertion of pdf 
> code of course.  
> Any thoughts on this?

See p.140 of the 'PDF Reference, version 1.7'.

If I remember it right the pdftex macro for writing those entries is 
\pdfcatalog. Maybe interferes with the automatically created entries!?

In ConTeXt you can use (tested) the non public macro

\doPDFaddtocatalog{/PageLayout /TwoPageRight}

You should also add a feature request at the ConTeXt mailing list for 
that. It looks like the 'TwoPage*' variants are not officially supported 
yet (couldn't find the keywords). I want them too :D

Best wishes,


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