[pdftex] Problem with hyperref to create a PDF/A

Laurent Tantot laurent.tantot at gmail.com
Thu Jan 31 22:24:33 CET 2008

Hi David,

Thanks for your solution.
I tried it but not with pdftex, and it does not work. I got the same errors.
I never use pdflatex because each time I tried the images did not appear.
However, I tried yesterday just to test your hack, but again, I could not
convert the PDF into a PDF/A. Maybe I should try with 5, 6, or 7...

However, all works fine (from a PS file) if I disable hyperref, but my
document isn't the same...

Let me know if you have ideas. I'll keep searching on my side and post the
solution if I find one.


On 30/01/2008, David Rendon <darfguard-latex at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Hi, Laurent,
> I'm glad someone else is working on creating PDF/A files using LaTeX! On
> Jan 18 I asked a question regarding that and got no reply, but I do  have
> good news for you. My old message is "Setting annotation flags in links
> created by hyperref".
> ***The problem***
> Acrobat Prof. 8 expects a particular Annotation Flag, "Print", to be set
> for every link in your original file. What this means for the non-experts
> (like me) is that for each link, the string "/F 4" should appear in the
> appropriate part of the file.
> (4 isn't the only number that works. Any number whose binary
> representation has a 1 in the 3rd least significant bit should work.)

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