[pdftex] hyperref doc needs update of some menuoptions (\Acrobatmenu{...}{...})

James Quirk jjq at galcit.caltech.edu
Mon Apr 7 21:23:39 CEST 2008

On Mon, 7 Apr 2008, Alexander Grahn wrote:

> Hi,
> I wondered why several so called `named actions' that can be bound to
> links/annotations using \Acrobatmenu{...}{...} and which can be used
> to execute menu options in the Adobe Acrobat/Reader GUIs ceased to work
> beginning with version 8 of their software.
> As things didn't get better in AR-9 beta, I decided to file a bug report.
> After some discussion with LR, it turned out that they changed the
> names of some of those named actions. The ones that I was esp. interested in
> were
I had a similar discussion with the Linux AR folks last November.
Apparently the name changes came about following a rationalization
of code across AR's various platforms.

> `ShowThumbs' for opening the `Pages' navigation panel, which is now
> `ShowHideTumbnails' and `ShowBookmarks' which is now
> `ShowHideBookmarks'. While the new versions work in both AR-7 and AR-8+,
> the older ones have become non-functional in newer AR versions.
> Other menu option names may have changed as well.
On a related note, for security reasons some menu items need
to be added to AR's /WhiteList before they can be used, see:



> Alexander

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