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> Dear Sir,
> I wonder to know how to set general font size for document, created
> by pdftex. I am new to pdftex, but I used latex for some time and I
> set general font size simply as option for \documentclass.
> Unfortunately, if I set \documentclass[a4paper, 13pt]{article} to
> pdftex, 13pt has no effect.
> Best Regards,
> Urban
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Each font you use has its own size, set when you describe the font. I 
have a shortcut method for dealing with font sizes etc. in a file I 
call fonts.tex:

\baselineskip= 1.1\fontsize
\font\rm \fontfam r8r at \fontsize
\font\it \fontfam ri8r at \fontsize
\font\bo \fontfam b8r at \fontsize
\font\sl \fontfam bo8r at 1.1\fontsize
\font\sc 8r-bchr8a-capitalized-800 at 1.3\fontsize
\letterspacefont\ssc=\sc 200

I can change font family and size by manipulating lines 1 and 3 above. 
The variable \fontfam is set as needed. I use bch for Charter, ppl for 
Palatino, put for Utopia and so on. So the body font above resolves 
\font\rm bchr8r at 10pt
Baseline skip will be 11pt.

For a font different from the base family I just use a full font 
statement, like the faux small caps \sc above, which I generated with 
texfont and labeled \sc.  

I find myself changing fonts and sizes with frequency so I use \font 
statements as needed. 

In general LaTeX makes the routine case easier and the more complex 
ones a bit mysterious.  You can always use pdflatex instead of pdftex 
of course.
John Culleton
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