[pdftex] including the existing pdf document

Jan Anderssen jan at fallobst.de
Thu Jun 28 00:54:55 CEST 2007

>> where i wanted to include the datasheet,... any otherway around to  
>> include
>> the already existing PDFs??? i need to get the page no's in the  
>> new document
>> properly...
> then you don't want to do it that way; the page numbers on the  
> included
> pages will be those in the datasheet itself, aiui
> perhaps
>   \includegraphics[page=2,height=\textheight,width= 
> \textwidth,keepaspectratio]
>     {datasheet}

if i understand it right, you want to generate the page numbers  
through your new document, and place the "datasheet" pages on top of  

it's still possible to do that with pdfpages as well. pdfpages by  
default uses \thispagestyle{empty} for every page where it includes a  
pdf. to suppress that and keep the page number of your new document use


(and only \usepackage{pdfpages} in the preamble as others have  
pointed out).


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