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Gerree Pecht gerree at Math.Princeton.EDU
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Excuse me ... but I don't understand any of what is being ask/said
in the message below.  Up-to-date instructions are not ongoing at my end.
Is there somewhere/anyone who can simplify/update the latest LaTeX/AMSTeX 



Need a more simplified/instructions on the graphics package.  One that
does not require a Ph.D. in Mathematics!

On Wed, 27 Jun 2007, Hans Hagen wrote:

> RS wrote:
>> On 26.06.2007 23:04, John R. Culleton wrote:
>>> WRT LaTeX I have used soul.sty  in a Context job where the
>>> InDesign-influenced designer specified tracking all over the place.
>>> There are several parameters to be set for each iteration of soul.sty
>>>  which gives very fine control but IMO made it clumsy to use in
>>> practice. It required special handling in tracked multiline
>>> paragraphs.  Han's solution appears to handle that situation better
>>> with less fuss and feathers.
>> Wrt latex you might want to check out the microtype package, which wraps
>> around the new pdftex primitive. It allows to adjust tracking of sets of
>> fonts (e.g. all small-caps, or all tiny fonts or whatever), without
>> having to bother about adding any markup.
>> On 27.06.2007 00:49, Robin Fairbairns wrote:
>>> Reinhard Kotucha <reinhard.kotucha-S0/GAf8tV78 at public.gmane.org>
>>> wrote:
>>>>> It seems that if you add \kern, you loose the kerning info
>>>>> provided by the font.  Hence, I think that Thanh's primitive
>>>>> solves this problem.
>>> ah -- you're being subtle.  does soul try to deal with that? -- i
>>> didn't think so, and i know letterspac(e|ing) doesn't.
>> Yes, soul manages to retain kerning (if it succeeds at all, that is).
>> The new \letterspacefont primitive OTOH currently does not. This will be
>> fixed with the next pdftex version (and microtype, following it).
> fyi:
> in luatex letterspacing can be done by manipulating the node lists
> (usually this will be wrapped in a macro so users don't see it); i have
> an experimental setup (one of the demos for tug 2007); it's no big deal
> to work cross-font, handle spacing around inline boxes, etc.
> somewhere next year luatex will be stable enough (first beta end of
> june) for production usage;
> Hans
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