[pdftex] bug with included transparent graphics

James Quirk jjq at hmx.galcit.caltech.edu
Mon Dec 31 14:58:03 CET 2007


On Mon, 31 Dec 2007, Victor Ivrii wrote:

> > On my Linux box I used kcolorchooser to measure the colors and
> > I would guess that OSX provides a similar functionality.
> Sure it does. I just do not trust my eyes (one wise man said "If you
> see on the cage with the lion the plaque `it is a tiger`, then do not
> trust your eyes" :)
You've lost me. kcolorchooser allows me to sample the colour directly
from AR's window and it reports the colour back as a hex string.
Therefore there's no trust involved, at least not in the sense
that you're getting at. 

> Did you try other PDF viewers on Linux? xpdf? I tried Skim and Apple
> preview and built in pdfviewer of TeXShop and they consistently show
> no difference.
Yes. xpdf 3.01 works as expected although it fails on the test
that Martin alluded to earlier in this thread. Anyhow, I've
posted a bug report at:


The Linux AR folks who monitor the above forum are usually pretty
responsive. I would also suggest that anybody who has a direct
Adobe contact file a separate report. The more times
the problem is brought to Adobe's attention the more likely
it is to be fixed, or declared a problem with the PDF generated
by pdftex.



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