[pdftex] ToUnicode map and virtual fonts

Werner LEMBERG wl at gnu.org
Thu Oct 5 13:57:52 CEST 2006

> 1. what should be put into glyphtounicode.tex?

I suggest the contents of Adobe's `glyphlist.txt'.  I don't think you
need more.

> 2. the feature works only for Type1 fonts at the moment.  The first
> request for this feature came from ChoF to make it work with
> subfont, but then I was told that it's no longer needed as it can be
> done via macro.  Then someone else asked to support it for Minion.
> It is possible to make it work with truetype fonts too, but I need
> to learn more about this topic first.

Well, for TrueType fonts it's probably not that important.  First of
all, it is possible to have TT fonts without a `post' table, this is,
without glyph names.  Second, glyph names in TTs are often
non-standard (consider infamous issues like `Ohm' vs. `Omega').

Only glyph names in OpenType fonts based on CFF and CID are worth to
support, I think.

> 3. although I changed the code so that \pdfglyphtounicode can handle
> charcode > 0xFFFF, I have no experience at all with such cases.  Can
> you (or some cjk user) provide some examples?

Try this:


You also need the current CVS of the CJK package:



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