[pdftex] embedfile and links to children

Heiko Oberdiek oberdiek at uni-freiburg.de
Sat Nov 4 11:19:25 CET 2006

On Sat, Nov 04, 2006 at 08:28:52AM +0100, Victor Ivrii wrote:

> Embedded: one cannot embed in foo.pdf two files with the same name and
> embedded files are recognized by their names.

Embedded files are identified by the name in the embedded file name tree.
Thus you cannot have the same name twice here. 

> Attached: they are not recognized by their names but by their
> annotation numbers (aka Comments in Acrobat) and one of the main

Attached files are identified by their file attachment annotations
and are identified
* by pair of absolute page number and number of the annotation
  in the page (number of entry in /Annot) or
* by pair of absolute page number and name of the annotation
  (/NM entry).

> achievements in new oberdiek collection is that now one can give them
> `annotation names' (acting in the manner of equation \label so that
> new attachment does change numbers of all after it but it does not
> break links).

It saves you from guessing the number in the /Annot array.

> I also understand that only UNIX files could be attached/embedded but
> not directories (some Mac OS files and most of applications are
> directories in the UNIX sense). Surely one can compress directory into
> a single file but is there f.e. a regular way to achieve the
> following: to attach or embed myhtml together with two png files it
> refers to so the resulting attached html will be displayed properly?

Perhaps the /RF dictionary can be (mis?)used for this?

Yours sincerely
  Heiko <oberdiek at uni-freiburg.de>

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