[pdftex] hypertext and merged pdf

Cristian Manzoni cristian.manzoni at polimi.it
Thu May 11 09:27:47 CEST 2006

I have some problems with hypertext and pdf files: I generated a pdf file
(File1.pdf) including some hypertext with the following


            linkcolor=blue, }


and then compiled the file by TeXify -> dvi2ps -> ps2pdf. The links in the
File1.pdf file perfectly work.

Then I had to merge this pdf document with other pdf's, into FileTot.pdf. I
used the instructions:


\usepackage[colorlinks, bookmarks]{hyperref}





The new file FileTot.pdf doesn't include any hypertext links, loosing also
the ones from File1.pdf.
How can I generate a pdf file inheriting the hypertext of File1, Article1,
Article2,... ?


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