[pdftex] nested action in link annot

Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Mon Jan 23 10:42:22 CET 2006

Alexander Grahn wrote:

>I'd like to insert a link, which not only lets the Reader jump to the
>specified destination (in the current pdf), but which also performs a
>second action, e. g. playing a sound. The Link annot should look as follows:
>/A <<
> /S/GoTo
> /D [<Pg Obj No> 0 R /XYZ <Anchor Coords> null]  %zoom unchanged
> /Next <<
>   <another action to be performed>
> >>
>If I use the `goto name{<destination>}' argument to the
>\pdfstartlink...\pdfendlink environment, there is no way to add a /Next
>entry to the Action dict.
you can make such linked custom annotations using \pdfannot ; at least 
this is how i have been doing such things


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