[pdftex] Math Pdftex extensions ?

Paul Pichaureau paul.pichaureau at alcandre.net
Sun Jan 15 19:13:50 CET 2006

  Dear all,

  As I'm a fanatic a beautiful typography, I'm following your work on
pdftex with great attention, especially enjoying the pdftex extensions
already implemented (microtype and all the hz stuff).

  Anyway, I'm wondering if you plan to extend pdftex in order to
improve the mathematical typography of TeX. I'm developping a big set
of mathematical fonts (called mathdesign) and I'm quite aware of the
problems of TeX in this domain.

I've precise points in mind: mathematical accents, radical with left
and right delimiters, and, of course, the insufficiencies of the tfm
format. But you already know that better than me.

So, this is my question: is it planned to improve some of these points
in the future ?

Thank again for your great work !

  Paul Pichaureau

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