[pdftex] pdfstringdef

Aleks Kleyn Aleks_Kleyn at MailAPS.org
Sun Jan 8 06:56:06 CET 2006

On list serve I found that using command
\pdfoutline goto file{a.pdf} name{...} {text}
I can add bookmark which navigate me inside file a.pdf. It works fine.
However part of this bookmarks has Russian text. After few tries I realized
that to properly include Russian text into bookmark I need to use
pdfstringdef. Now code looks like

\pdfstringdef\a1{Об этой веб странице}
\pdfoutline goto file{_Preface_Russian.pdf} name{section.2.1} {\a1}
\pdfstringdef\a2{Геометрия и физика}
\pdfoutline goto file{_Preface_Russian.pdf} name{section.2.2} {\a2}

however for some reason only first two lines works properly. Instead of line
3 I see text Геометрия и физика inside pdf file and line 4 creates pdf
bookmark with strange string. How I can resolve this problem?

Aleks Kleyn

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