[pdftex] Re: hiding optional content

RS w.m.l at gmx.net
Sun Jan 8 02:17:31 CET 2006


On 07.01.2006 11:12, Pawel Jackowski wrote:
> Seems I've missunderstood the question then; i thought you want to
> have a macro handle that nicely switches the layers on for 1.5 output
> and off for olders.

No, what I'm trying to get is a single pdf that will display in a
reasonable way in all viewers. Seems like this is not possible.

> meybe you could use Hide Actions (PDF 1.2 i think) and use some and 
> annotations instead? Just a think, haven't play with this stuff at
> all.

The text has to be set by TeX, so annotations are not an option,
I guess.

Thanks for your time,

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