[pdftex] How to get spanned equation in twocolumn document

josef dev david_jsf at yahoo.com
Wed Apr 12 12:40:37 CEST 2006

Dear All, 
  I have a document in twocolumn format having long equation coming in the text.
  I want to span those long equations over the two columns irrespective of whether they were appearing in first column or second column. In such spanning case the text must balance before the display equation and then re-start in the left column below (after the equation) i.e all the text appearing before the spanning equation on that page first be balanced in two columns and then the equation should be placed spanned in ful text width then the remaining text on that page after the spanned equation, should be balanced below the spanned equation starting from left column, for example if the equation originally was coded after text para "F text....." then the layout should be as follows
  A text.....     D text.....
  B text.....     E text.....
  C text.....     F text.....
  G text.....     I text.....
  H text.....     J text.....

  The same can be done using the cuted.sty (using "strip" environment) but it is too risky using this package and this also have problem with lineno.sty (I understand that both the packages are playing with LaTeX's output routines)
  My appeal is that is there any safe and reliable way to have this kind of page layout in existing LaTeX/PDFLaTeX or is there any development going on to have such kind of layouts in future any future release. I should also express that this kind of spanned equations may apprear more than once in a page thus we may be required to switch multiple times from twocolumn mode to onecolumn and again back to two column in a single page.
  I am looking forward for comments from TeXperts that how we can do this?

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