[pdftex] multiple embedded pdf figures

Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Fri Nov 25 21:12:37 CET 2005

ivo welch wrote:

><i>"I see that your pdf was created with pdfeTeX-1.21a.  You can view
you use a bit ancient version, maybe the latest performs different

>the font substitution error you are witnessing.  When the printer rips
>your pdf, it looks at the embedded font subset to obtain the character
>to print.  When you have mulitple subsets with the same name, many
>times it will choose the wrong one.  It seems that merging multiple
so the printer is bugged

>the best option that I can think of.  You might also want to try a
>different pdf producer such as Adobe Distiller or InDesign."</i>
try another printer -)

>he is of course correct about the pdf file:
># pdffonts book.pdf
><many lines, incl>
>TCFXGM+LucidaBright                  Type 1       yes yes no      25  0
>TCFXGM+LucidaBright                  Type 1       yes yes no    5081  0
>TCFXGM+LucidaBright                  Type 1       yes yes no    5294  0

>the latter two come from pdf figure files that have been created by R (a
>statistical package), which (because R is incapable of embedding fonts
>themselves) receive their embedded font through one run through ps2pdf14
>(gs 7.07.1).  finally, these ghostscript-distilled graphics are embedded
forget about 7.07, you need at least > 8 to get proper pdf, and 
preferable > 8.30 and if you do fancy color stuff, go for > 8.50

>by \includegraphics.  naturally, they can come out with the same names.
>it appears that pdftex does not use own font namespaces in
>includegraphics.  R cannot do it, because it creates only one figure at
>a time (it has no history of what other font names earlier runs
>elsewhere have created).
it should not really be a problem, since all the viewer has to do is to 
follow the object links;

>an additional run of my big pdftex-created book.pdf file through
>ps2pdf14 results in a /typecheck in --lt-- error, so this is not
>a solution, either.
>I hope I am not the first person to have run into this problem.  how can
>I solve this problem?
best update to pdftex > 1.30 and gs > 8.50 and see what happens then


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