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John R. Culleton john at wexfordpress.com
Thu Mar 31 23:49:23 CEST 2005

On Thursday 31 March 2005 07:25 pm, Hans Hagen wrote:
> Hartmut Henkel wrote:
> > An intro on recto page 1 looks ok for me. Maybe ugly is that the page
> > with the authors is verso. This could be remedied by a blank page after
> > the front cover and a blank page after the page with authors and date. I
> > think basically 2 blank pages are missing (but i'm no publishing
> > specialist at all).
> >
> > I thought that this a working document, printed, annotated, spilled with
> > coffee, Cabernet, and ash, thrown away, printed again,... and having
> indeed, adding the few empty pages is no problem but a waste of paper; we
> can jump the pagenumber by one of course (if needed)
> > blank pages just costs money. In this sense already the GNU FDL is too
> > much for me. But it seems that's the paper price one pays for freedom.
> > Any idea whether a shorter FDL form would do as well?
> I've no idea why the fdl ended up in there -) I don't understamd most of it
> anyway. Now it's an nice example of protruding and hz. Next time we can add
> it in 5 pt and 4 columns. Maybe if we go even smnaller, it gives a nice
> bitmap pattern -)
> >>Since the manual is produced via Context the simplest solution would
> >>seem to be \setupagenumber{number=2} on the verso page somewhere.
> >
> > Then the intro would be on page 3 here, right? An improvement?
> i'd rather make that page 1
> > So the price for convention would be 2 blank pages? (and the lines are
> > too long, btw :-) I'm a little hesitant.
> me too, but we can reconsider things when we do a major update
> Hans
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Don't know why I get one result and Hartmut another using
presumably the same pdf. I should add that I do "Hillbilly
duplexing." I tell Acroread to print all the even pages in
reverse order and then put the sheets back in and tell Acroread
to print the odds in forward sequence.  Any solution that assures
that odd pages (per Acroread) have odd numbers on the bottom and
even pages have even numbers on the bottom works for me.

I do not favor blank pages of course, just reasonable page
numbering. And if Hans prefers page 1 on the second recto that is
just fine. The title page recto and verso become frontmatter.

Why be concerned about pretty printing? Well we have an audience
looking over our collective shoulders beyond the usual suspects.
I recommended the first part of the memoir.cls documentation as
an excellent generic essay on the makeup of a book and a non-TeXer
sniffed that the layout of said documentayion was quite ugly. We
are so used to that style of documentation that perhaps we cannot
see its flaws.

I agree that the measure of the lines is a bit long, given the
particular typeface and font size. But I leave that decision to
younger and wiser heads.
John Culleton 
Able Indexers and Typesetters 

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