[pdftex] Pagination in Pdftex Manual

Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Thu Mar 31 21:25:31 CEST 2005

Hartmut Henkel wrote:

> An intro on recto page 1 looks ok for me. Maybe ugly is that the page
> with the authors is verso. This could be remedied by a blank page after
> the front cover and a blank page after the page with authors and date. I
> think basically 2 blank pages are missing (but i'm no publishing
> specialist at all).
> I thought that this a working document, printed, annotated, spilled with
> coffee, Cabernet, and ash, thrown away, printed again,... and having

indeed, adding the few empty pages is no problem but a waste of paper; we can 
jump the pagenumber by one of course (if needed)

> blank pages just costs money. In this sense already the GNU FDL is too
> much for me. But it seems that's the paper price one pays for freedom.
> Any idea whether a shorter FDL form would do as well?

I've no idea why the fdl ended up in there -) I don't understamd most of it 
anyway. Now it's an nice example of protruding and hz. Next time we can add it 
in 5 pt and 4 columns. Maybe if we go even smnaller, it gives a nice bitmap 
pattern -)

>>Since the manual is produced via Context the simplest solution would
>>seem to be \setupagenumber{number=2} on the verso page somewhere. 
> Then the intro would be on page 3 here, right? An improvement?

i'd rather make that page 1

> So the price for convention would be 2 blank pages? (and the lines are
> too long, btw :-) I'm a little hesitant.

me too, but we can reconsider things when we do a major update


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