AW: [pdftex] problems with natbib and hyperref

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Fri Mar 11 20:33:51 CET 2005

--- "Daly Dr., Patrick" <daly at> wrote:
> As the author of natbib, I point out that this is
> not a bug but a feature.

I spent a lot of time to get knowing the correlation
between the two things (natbib x hyperref), and when a
got knowing this I just thought: sure, if one compress
the reference citations some hyperlinks will be lost.
But for the result I'm interested, the best choice is
just compress together with the hyperlinks.

> With hyperref, the citations are links, but if you
> compress the multiple
> citation, say to 3-10, then the links to refs
> 4,5,6,7,8,9 are missing. For
> that reason I deliberately suppressed the
> compression option when hyperref is
> loaded. Many people complain about this. 

yes, sure

> I could consider changing this if popular opinion
> really desires it, and
> people are willing to live with missing links.

I think you could (to make user's life easier) or put
a option (together with all the others), 


or in the easier way do a coment in the documentation
about the existence of hypernat.


> Regards, 
> Patrick Daly

thank you very much

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> 	Betreff: [pdftex] problems with natbib and hyperref
> 	hello list members...
> 	i've been havin problems with natbit and hyperref,
> 	such as when i use natbib sort&compress option
> 	together with hyperref, it sorts, but doesn't
> 	compress. i find in www that this is a known
> problem,
> 	but the possible solutions proposed  doesn't work
> in
> 	my case (i don't know why). if someone else have
> had
> 	this problem once and has any solution, please
> allow
> 	us to know.
> 	wendel
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