[pdftex] problems with natbib and hyperref

Christophe Declercq cdeclercq at nordnet.fr
Mon Mar 7 21:48:00 CET 2005

 > From: Wendel Moreira
 > Date: 07/03/2005 20:38
> hello list members...
> i've been havin problems with natbit and hyperref,
> such as when i use natbib sort&compress option
> together with hyperref, it sorts, but doesn't
> compress. i find in www that this is a known problem,
> but the possible solutions proposed  doesn't work in
> my case (i don't know why). if someone else have had
> this problem once and has any solution, please allow
> us to know.
> wendel

Did you try the 'hypernat' package?

See for example http://www.tex.ac.uk/cgi-bin/texfaq2html?label=citesort


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