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David L Elliott delliott at umd.edu
Sun Jul 24 10:13:08 CEST 2005

Dear Dr. Esser,
   Thanks for your contributions to TeX.
    I have installed the latest pdfTeX distribution on my Macintosh  
(OS 10.4) and have run into a  few  problems, one
of which is that the  URW-Palladio font  gives me trouble like
/urw/palatino/uplr8a.pfb): character 244 is mapped to .notdef

In  " [pdftex] How to get pdflatex to embed and subset ALL fonts?"  
you mentioned a map file
from the beta teTeX distribution... if this might help please email a  

I use the TeXLive distribution, so cannot just grab teTeX without  
starting over...

David L. Elliott
Professor Emeritus, Washington University
Visiting Senior Research Scientist,
Institute for Systems Research,
University of Maryland,
College Park, MD 20742

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