[pdftex] pdfetex

Thomas Esser te at dbs.uni-hannover.de
Mon Jan 31 22:56:35 CET 2005

> I am trying to use pdfetex and have installed the 1.20b version over my
> Fedora Core 2 teTex version which had pdftex/pdfetex v1.09b.  And I'm
> having path problems.

Well, several internals of pdf*tex have changed:
  - map files and enc files are searched along differen search paths
  - the config file has gone (replaced by the new ini files and

To adjust your old installation, you need to edit your texmf.cnf file (but
please, this is really only good for teTeX-2.0, not for anything else):
  TEXFONTMAPS = .;$TEXMF/{dvips//,fontname}
  ENCFONTS = .;$TEXMF/dvips

> My installation has TEXMFCFG directory as /usr/share/texmf/web2c and

TEXMFCNF, I guess.

> setenv TEXFONTMAPS /usr/share/texmf/dvips/config

See above, better change texmf.cnf.

> setenv TEXINPUTS .:/usr/share/texmf/pdftex/plain/misc

That, I don't understand. Maybe, your TEXINPUTS setting from texmf.cnf is
ignored (possibly because you have mistyped TEXMFCNF)?

> ! pdfTeX error (ext5): cannot open file for embedding.

Hm... There was no change about T1FONTS. Maybe, solved by setting TEXMFCNF!?


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