[pdftex] adobe lifecycle support?

ivo welch ivo_welch at mailblocks.com
Sun Apr 10 00:47:02 CEST 2005

hi johannes:  ok, the lwn.net is available now.  it is
interesting---apparently, only more recent versions of Acrobat have
javascript enabled, so they will "ping" home.  though limited in
functionalit, could this become a style file for pdflatex?


easy?  hard?  (I have used javascript twice in html, but never in pdf,
so I really don't know.)




Johannes Berg wrote:

>On Sat, 2005-04-02 at 23:28 -0500, ivo welch wrote:
>>dear pdftex wizards:
>>I just ran across the adobe lifecycle document security data sheet.  I
>>am not 100% clear whether this functionality is in the plain, native,
>>free adobe acrobat reader, but it does seem to be this way.  the
>>slashdot story
>>also suggests that this technology can be used for remote tracking when
>>the ordinary acrobat reader is invoked.
>RemoteCycle just embeds javascript, see http://lwn.net/Articles/129729/
>(if you don't subscribe to LWN wait till Wednesday)

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