[pdftex] errors from AR caused by color package

Ben Crowell pdftexcrowell04 at lightandmatter.com
Sun May 23 06:32:26 CEST 2004

Reinhard Kotucha wrote:
>Please look at the logfiles to be sure that in both your examples
>pdftex.def is loaded.
I checked, and it is.

>This is what I've done:
>1. I renamed the files of your first example to a.cls and a.tex.
>2. I added \pdfcompression=0 to both .tex files.
>3. Then I ran pdflatex on both examples.
>4. I renamed the fonts in b.pdf to have the same random number as in
>   file a.pdf (/QYOCQW+CMR10 -> /OPDPOY+CMR10) and stole the
>   /CraetionDate and /ID from a.pdf and inserted them into b.pdf.
>5. I ran "cmp a.pdf b.pdf" and the return value was 0, which means
>   that the files are identical.
>I suppose that your problem has nothing to do with pdfTeX, it's more
>likely that a wrong driver file is loaded.
Wow, thanks for putting so much effort into this! But I'm afraid I'm
not understanding the point of what you're doing here at all.

>Does it make a difference if you say
>\RequirePackage[pdftex]{color} ?
Aha! Yes, that cures all the problems! Thanks!!

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