[pdftex] how do I magnify PDF print size? (TeXShop question)

Paul Campbell campbell at beloit.edu
Tue May 11 04:04:40 CEST 2004

I edit a journal of undergraduate mathematics and typeset the issues 
in LaTeX, usually using Textures on a Mac (OS 10.2). I typeset at 
100%, print to PS at 120% (set in Page Setup), then distill to PDF.

A recent submission uses figures in PDF. Textures does not handle PDF 
directly; so rather than convert each figure to EPS, I experimented 
with TeXShop, which does handle PDFs.

TeXShop produces PDF output, at 100%.

___Nothing I can do seems to be able to convert the PDF file to one 
that prints at 120%.___

Nothing in TeXShop's Preferences affects page size magnification 
(only size displayed on screen).

I took the PDF that TeXShop produced, printed it to file at 120% (in 
Page Setup), and still got the original size. That is frustrating! 
(Some might call it a bug; I call it an error by Acrobat, since I 
don't get what I should be able to expect.)

I also printed from PDF to PS, then distilled it. Same result. Reason 
in that case, as I discovered in examining the PS file, is that 
Acrobat prints a bitmap to PS. No wonder it won't enlarge!

Is there somewhere in the bowels of TeXShop where I can change the 
job options for its conversion to PDF?

Can anybody help?



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