[pdftex] request: overlay*.pdf

Fehd, Ronald J. (PHPPO) rjf2 at cdc.gov
Thu Mar 11 21:20:32 CET 2004


I am a SAS programmer, familiar with the SAS macro language
and have been using LaTeX for the past year to write a book.

For my upcoming SAS User Group conference
I am hoping to wean myself off of PowerPoint
and am going up the learning curve with pdfscreen.

I have found the set of overlay*.pdf
used in the command:

and renamed the one I like to:

Q: Are there any other overlay*.pdf available?

I have found friburg_template.pdf
and have Adobe Professional v6
but cannot figure out how to make a background
When I open any of overlay?.pdf these files are locked open, full-screen
and I cannot gain access to the Adobe editing menus;
Adobe must be shut down to close these files.

if no other overlay*.pdf are available
I would appreciate tips, pointers, instructions
on how to create these overlay?.pdf files.

I have found the pdscreen.cfg.specimen
and got it running.

thanx for your expertise
Ron Fehd  the SAS macro maven  CDC Atlanta GA USA RJF2 at cdc.gov 

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