[pdftex] Character protruding error by font expasion

Hartmut Henkel hartmut_henkel at gmx.de
Wed Mar 10 12:03:33 CET 2004

Ulrich Dirr wrote:
> Nagy Bence wrote:
> > I tried to make a sample document for an article about
> > composing engines (include QuarkXPress, InDesign and pdfTeX) to 
> > Magyar Grafika [Hungarian Graphic], and I ran into an interesting 
> > error in pdfTeX: marginal kerning disappears by some expanded 
> > fontvariations.
> > 
> > I followed the Thanh's settings under plainTeX and the latest
> > pdfTeX-beta (but 1.11b make the same):
> > 
> Your document contains:
> grailrn-Extend_1010
> grailrn-Extend_970
> grailrn-Extend_975
> grailrn-Extend_980
> grailrn-Extend_985
> grailrn-Extend_990
> grailrn-Extend_995
> grailrn
> grailrn-Extend_1005
> grailrn-Extend_1015
> grailrn-Extend_1025
> grailrn-Extend_1030

This means that no expanded MM font instance has been used at all,
but only a version internally _extended_ by pdftex (which is inferior,
as it only works by stretching/changing some transform matrix).

When you play with MM fonts, it's best to provide MM instances as 
Type1 files, which must have the expansion value in their file name
(and it's good if they have this expansion value also in the /BaseName).

E. g. there should be a file grailrn+20.pfb in the search path
(with /BaseName GRAILRN+20 or so). If this font file is not found
(it has highest search priority), an artificially extended version of 
the unexpaned font (grailrn.pfb) is used instead, which somehow 
happened in your case.

Regards, Hartmut

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