[pdftex] simple pdftype program?

ivo welch ivo.welch at yale.edu
Fri Jun 25 15:44:37 CEST 2004

One could go even further.  There could be a selectable option to embed 
a workable tex source into the .pdf file itself as (gzipped) comments, 
so that an informed "de-pdflatex" can reproduce a texable file again.  
Disk space is cheap these days.  This should not be the standard, but I 
personally would make it my standard.   Of course, this comment applies 
triple to WYSIAYG programs that produce .pdf.  (MS office, Openoffice, 



PS: My biggest gripe about (pdf-)latex is of course the lack of fast 
hooks to allow end users to write perl programs that do more interesting 
text processing (such as "\hookinto{perl mypgm.pl -\roughpageno}"), but 
this is getting off topic.  My biggest suggestion: a site to support 
future development, and allow me to donate money for all the help I have 
received gratis, but which also tells me what is actually happening in 
terms of development on the pdftex and tex fronts.

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