[pdftex] Might this be a bug?

Ulrich Dirr ud at art-satz.de
Wed Jun 9 10:47:57 CEST 2004

Karl-Heinz Zimmer wrote:
>> You should use the version of pdftex which supports this feature:
>> new beta 1.20. Read the anouncement by Han The Thanh dated
>> 2004/05/11. 
> Thank you, good idea, now I come a little bit further.
> After copying over the new pfetex, pdfetex, and *pool files I just
> moved away my old /usr/TeX/bin/i386-linux/mf and run "texconfig
> which ended without error. 

If you really like to use this beta version then it's probably a good
idea to read the informations in the source package. Especially the
News file is essential.

Maybe the following I've written in a thread in ctt "Re: autoload in
\pdfadjustspacing crashes pdftex" will help you.

> This is probably a result of the beta which uses e.g. new
> variables (like ENCFONTS), discards pdftex.cfg (uses now
> pdftexconfig.tex) to read in the config), uses the new tetex
> structure (e.g., map and enc files as subdirectories of fonts), uses
> command \pdfmapfile, etc.

Otherwise it's probably better to use a stable release version ...

Best regards,
Ulrich Dirr

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