[pdftex] [pdftex-1.11b] no pdfinitex file is build

Reinhard Kotucha reinhard.kotucha at web.de
Tue Jun 8 23:00:52 CEST 2004

>>>>> "Karl-Heinz" == Karl-Heinz Zimmer <khz at kde.org> writes:

    > when building pdftex-1.11b there is no pdfinitex file created.

pdfinitex is a symbolic link to pdftex.  But it's obsolete and is
even omitted in the latest teTeX beta.


texconfig init pdftex

instead and forget pdfinitex.

Calling pdftex as pdfinitex is the same as calling pdftex -ini, but
the preferred way is to use texconfig.  texconfig regards the file
fmtutil.cnf , for instance, and creates missing symlinks.

    > Wehn copying over the files into my distribution all is fine,
    > except I can not run pdfinitex because it complains like this:

    > ! pdftex.pool doesn't match; tangle me again (or fix the path).

    > I copied over the new created pdftex.pool file but it did not
    > help.

This should work if you simply overwrite the old pool file.  But if
you have more than one texmf tree, it is not unlikely that there is
another pool file which is found first.

You can find out which pool file is used if you type:

kpsewhich pdftex.pool

Then compare the timestamps of this file with the timestamp of the
pdftex program.  They must be almost the same since the pool file and
the executable are generated at the same time.

Did you copy the pdftex executable to the directory where the other
tex executables are?   This is necessary, otherwise pdftex will not
find any file.

If you put pdftex.pool into any directory where no file with the same
mame had been before, you must run texhash to update the filename

If you succeed, it's best to compile pdfetex as well and install it
(and pdfetex.pool) in the same manner.

Then run

texconfig init

which (re)generates all format files as defined in fmtutil.cnf .


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