[pdftex] pdflatex, [magyar]{babel}, hyperref, memoir

franciszek holop fred at pentacom.sk
Tue Jan 13 17:13:59 CET 2004

hello list,

happy new year.
i know i am getting a little bit OT again, but only
for the record (and the archives) the newest memoir class
does generate usable hyperlinks (section links, didnt
test pics or labels yet) even with [magyar]{babel}.
(so maybe the fix is smoething along the
lines what {memhfixc} does)

also a new magyar.ldf (1.5) is starting to float around
and i want to test it yet, but i am doubtful in regards
with hyperlinks.  and it is almost 150k, enourmous size...

a man serves best, when he serves himself.

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