[pdftex] Re: pdftex Digest, Vol 12, Issue 7

ivo welch ivo.welch at yale.edu
Fri Jan 9 16:40:52 CET 2004

 > `Fast web view' used to be known as `optimized' or `linearized' PDF.
 > Recent versions of ghostscript (>= 6.20) can linearize PDF, and I am happy
 > for this to be a separate processing step.
 > -- Brian D. Ripley,

hi brian:  just make sure you test your resulting files with a number of 
browsers.  I tried the linearizing by gs, and had a lot of users complain that 
they could no longer read some of the files in their browsers.  so, as of 
about 3 months ago, I know that even the latest versions of gs had buggy 

I am so spoiled now by pdflatex, where everything seems to work almost 
flawlessly, that I would have loved to see linearizing as an intrinsic 
feature.  once gs works solidly, this will be as good, of course.

regards, /iaw

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