[pdftex] 3-up in pdflatex?

Kester Clegg kester at cs.york.ac.uk
Fri Jan 9 12:02:29 CET 2004

Magnus Lie Hetland <magnus at hetland.org> writes:

> I'm trying to do something similar to the leaflet.cls class for LaTeX,
> which uses pstops to place three original pages on one resulting page
> of a leaflet. I thought pdfpages might be the tool of choice for
> pdflatex, but it seems it only supports 1-up, 2-up and 4-up. Is there
> any way of getting a 3-up (with the three placed alongside each
> other)?

You could pipe your pdf to AR to ps, psnup and then to a printer e.g.

cat TheFile.pdf | acroread -toPostScript -level2 -size a4 | psnup -pa4
-3 | lp  

and so on.  We use something similar to produce a5 booklets from pdf

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