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Fri Jan 9 11:35:00 CET 2004

Hello Prof,

Friday, January 09, 2004, 11:10:49 AM, you wrote:

PBR> On Fri, 9 Jan 2004, the_shelter wrote:

>> Hello Dan,
>> Thursday, January 08, 2004, 10:07:22 PM, you wrote:
>> DF> I'd like to produce a PDF enabling "fast web view" option.
>> DF> Does anyone have a solution at hand?
>> DF> Thanks in advance.
>> DF> Daniel Espinosa
>> I am aware that the just released Jaws PDF Creator 3.3 has it now on
>> it's features list.(http://www.jawspdf.com/pdf_creator/index.html)
>> Their pdf library i.e. is used in One Vision's preflight software, so
>> has proven to be among the best libraries when it comes to
>> reading/ interpreting.
>> As far as I know there is currently no effort in any tex project to
>> integrate this (but I'd be more that happy if I am wrong in this ;) ).
>> Hope this helps a little,

PBR> It is commercial, right?  And Windows/MacOS only, right? If you allow
PBR> commercial solutions and just those platforms, Acrobat is the de facto
PBR> standard, and the one I normally use when on an OS it supports.

PBR> `Fast web view' used to be known as `optimized' or `linearized' PDF.  
PBR> Recent versions of ghostscript (>= 6.20) can linearize PDF, and I am happy 
PBR> for this to be a separate processing step.
The tool in GHostscript that 'does' this is called pdfopt. It must be
mentioned that input and output name must be different and that it has
significant problems with some pdf files (especially 1.4 and up).
Remember that post- linearization is a manipulation since the elements
of the pdf file are rearranged in a linearized order (thus enabling
faster display when called over a network).
In a commercial environment like i.e. a printing house ... I would not
want to rely on Ghostscript but prefer pdf-tools.com' linearization
tool for postprocessing. Big advantage: It is available for tons of
platforms, inc. BSD,Linux/INtel,Solaris,Win. THis tool starts at 250,-
 and as far as I know a fully working trial can be downloaded from
 their website.


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