[Cjk] Re: [pdftex] Acrobat 6.0, pdfTeX, and CJK/Unicode incompatibility?

Roger Hart rhart at mail.utexas.edu
Sat Jan 3 03:38:30 CET 2004

The file which you sent me worked perfectly!!  Acrobat found no 
inaccessible characters, and adding tags did not change any of the 
characters. That part is perfect.

So I've spent the afternoon (now evening!) trying to install dvipdfmx 
on Apple's OS X 10.3.2.

I had several problems, in part due to my inexperience with UNIX I'm 
sure.  However, now that I've gotten dvipdfmx to install, I can't get 
it to run.

When I try to run a dvi file, it immediately produces a fatal error:

File 1:

/Users/rhart/Desktop/fontinst.dvi -> fontinst.pdf
** Fatal: Unable to find TFM file 'cmti12'.

File 2:

dvipdfmx /Users/rhart/Desktop/pdfTeX_problem-3.dvi

/Users/rhart/Desktop/pdfTeX_problem-3.dvi -> pdfTeX_problem-3.pdf
** Fatal: Unable to find TFM file 'cmbx12'.

File 3:

dvipdfmx /Users/rhart/simple.dvi

/Users/rhart/simple.dvi -> simple.pdf
** Fatal: Unable to find TFM file 'cmr17'.

Again, because of my inexperience, I'm sure, I've spent several hours 
looking through dvipdfmx documentation files, placing and re-placing 
various TFM files, looking through various configuration files such as 
dvipdfmx.cfg, running mktexlsr and updmap, all without any success.

I hate to trouble you and members of this list, but do you have any 
suggestions?  Is there any documentation on installing dvipdfmx on OS X 

Thanks very much again for your generous and expert help,


On Jan 2, 2004, at 2:27 PM, Werner LEMBERG wrote:

> For a first quick test, I've done
>         latex       dvipdfmx
>    tex ------> dvi ---------> pdf
> [I've sent the output to you privately].  The created file is just
> about 20% of the pdflatex output.  Please test whether this works for
> you, and whether you can further process this document.

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