[pdftex] pdfeTeX: bad interaction of \pdfstartlink...\pdfendlink with \beginR...\endR

Vladimir Volovich vvv at vsu.ru
Wed Dec 29 11:55:42 CET 2004

"HH" == Hans Hagen writes:

 >> style_node makes it run. But no idea whether that's the right way
 >> to do it. And there might be more cases like \pdfstartlink and
 >> \pdfendlink that might need a fix.

 HH> This is a general problem with r-l typesetting, the same happens
 HH> with specials and literal pdf (think of color); afaik neither
 HH> etex, nor omega take this into account, so it's left to the macro
 HH> packages to take care of it

well, currently any attempt to create a link inside a right-to-left
text leads to an error, so no macro packages can solve that, and the
pdfetex engine needs a fix.


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