[pdftex] hyperref package and pdflscape

Andreas Matthias amat at kabsi.at
Mon Jun 30 22:39:15 CEST 2003

Hans Hagen wrote:

> (1) with regard to pdftex: pdftex is actively maintained with a focus
>     on stability and robustness; apart from small (often internal)
>     details, there is no real need to add functionality because so far
>     pdftex can comfortably adapt to new pdf functionality thanks to
>     \pdfobj and \pdfliteral

Is this the reason why nobody responded to my mail on ntg-pdftex?
Why didn't you tell me that there is "no real need to add
functionality"? Why did you simply ignore me?

Could it be that you are not interested in any help?

Never ignore those who are willing to help!


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