[pdftex] hyperref package and pdflscape

Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Mon Jun 30 17:58:24 CEST 2003

At 11:03 30/06/2003 +0800, Lars Heineken wrote:

 > The bad thing is that almost all developement regarding Latex and pfdtex 
has come to a halt. That's the impression I get when I surf the web on this 
issue. What's your opinion on that matter ?

(1) with regard to pdftex: pdftex is actively maintained with a focus on 
stability and robustness; apart from small (often internal) details, there 
is no real need to add functionality because so far pdftex can comfortably 
adapt to new pdf functionality thanks to \pdfobj and \pdfliteral

(2) tex/macro extensions: this all depends on ones needs and is not so much 
a pdftex issue; after 25 years, many issues have been addressed; also, the 
real tricky things are in practice also hard to solve (sometimes because 
additional tex features are needed, but more frequently simply because the 
solutionspace is large related to automated typesetting); this does not 
mean that there are no developments in that area -)

(3) when pdf was relatively new, this list was also a place where new 
thingies were announced; today the list is more a macro-bug and/or get-help 
list; one may even wonder if this list still has a purpose i.e. that kind 
of support is often not pdf specific; i for instance never announce new 
things/trickery (like pdf 1.4/1.5 related newbies) on this list simply 
because i treat them as kind of generic; for context users the context 
mailing list is the place to go.

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