[pdftex] Default extension in pdftex.def?

Andreas Matthias amat at kabsi.at
Sun Jun 1 17:13:37 CEST 2003

Heiko Oberdiek <oberdiek at ruf.uni-freiburg.de> wrote:

> Second some people prefer .pdf files for the default
> rule, other have good reasons for mps files, because
> then they need not to be renamed from .1, .2, ... to
> .mps.

Hmm,... Correct me if I am wrong.
Until now there is now default graphics rule, not even for metapost
figures. And it is not possible to include metapost figures 
without renaming them to .mps or without providing an additional
graphic rule. To include .1, .2 metapost figures I have to
provide a \DeclareGraphicsRule{*}{mps}{*}{} in my tex file. But
this works with and without the line
\@namedef{Gin at rule@*}#1{{pdf}{\Gin at ext}{#1}} in pdftex.def. The
default pdf graphics rule in pdftex.def does not influence the
default mps graphics rule in the tex file.

Now if I want metapost to be the default graphics format, I define
a \DeclareGraphicsRule in my tex file (or in graphics.cfg, which is
the same). If metapost should not be the default format, then the
graphics rule in pdftex (\@namedef{Gin at rule@*}#1{{pdf}{\Gin at ext}{#1}})
provides a convenient way to include file with several dots in their
names for .pdf, .png, .jpg and .tif (all of them, not just .pdf!).


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