[pdftex] Extending pdftex

G. D. Brettschneider pdftex at GDBrettschneider.de
Tue Jul 1 19:18:15 CEST 2003

Andreas Matthias wrote:

>(...) I was willing to help. (...) But when I presented first results of my work on ntg-pdftex nobody was interested in that. There wasn't even any response. You simply ignored me. And since Hans said today `there is no real need to add functionality', I know why (...)
This must be really frustating, but please don't give up! It may just 
need some time until new experts are grown up who can appreciate the 
significance of your contribution.

Perhaps there would be more responses if you made your home-brew 
annotpdftex binaries available for download too, so that one doesn't 
have to become a source code patcher unless one can give your work a 
try. And maybe the applause could make Hans change his mind?

I agree to the experts' strategy of having just a small and well-tested 
repertoire of new primitives added to the TeX 3.x engine, but I see that 
there are only a few hundred lines of new code that must be studied.

With kind regards,


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