[pdftex] Replacing CM bitmapped fonts by CM Type-1

Dominik Giel giel at caesar.de
Wed Jan 22 12:31:58 CET 2003

although this problem has been reported frequently in the list archive,
I am too dumb to figure out what to do. Perhaps someone has pity 
with a 'teXnically challenged' user:

1- Using PDFLatex which came with MikTex 2.0 and the 'default' CM font, 
   my PDF looks great in print, ugly in Acrobat Reader.
2- so I download the Type-1 representation for my (Windows) system: Two
   files named cmps-pc.zip and amsps-pc.zip. The installation 
   instructions are too brief/complicated so I just dump all files into
   the folders which seem approproate (texmf/fonts/type1/bluesky/cm)
   and refreshed the MikTex 'File Name data base'. By doing that, some 
   files are replaced, others are new in that folder.
3- after compiling, the fonts still look ugly in the Acrobat. Somehow 
   I have to tell PDFLatex explicitly to use the Type-1 representation.
   \usepackage[T1]{fontenc} does not changes the output.
What am I doing wrong? Has the type-1 representation a different font

Dominik Giel

PS: I do not need 'Umlaute' and the like for my text, i.e. no EC 
    font family

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