[pdftex] PDF/X compliance.

Scott Murman smurman at segosha.net
Sat Jan 11 07:31:11 CET 2003

>> 3. Does anyone have any experiences to share about submitting pdfetex
>> produced files for print? (Thus far I have never had a problem.)

> on paper the background in the "color" images was a very fine "gray"
> screen.

> The artifact may be related to the software used at the printer; I can
> find out what that is if necessary.

we work with pdf files with color graphics constantly, and have a dozen 
or so different varieties of printers to work with.  IME expecting the 
PDF file to even print at all can be optimistic depending upon what 
software you are printing from (older UNIX version of Acrobat?) and what 
software the printer is using (older printer?).  here old > 2 years.  
assuming you do have up-to-date software, you can still expect that your 
document will output differently on different printers - especially 
color printers.  background artifacts as Bill mentions, page scalings, 
etc.  it can be done, and it can be done very well, however it can be a 
time-consuming task to debug.  anything important we send to our 
dedicated document-support group.   PDF does not necessarily mean you 
have portable document.

that said, PDF is still the best thing going. those of you who can 
remember back, we had the same issues when PS first appeared and 
proliferated.  these problems will be overcome as standards are agreed 
upon, and PDF continues to gain "market share".


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