[pdftex] Gnuplot LaTeX output with pdfLaTeX?

Mick McQuaid mcquaid at u.arizona.edu
Wed Feb 19 10:36:06 CET 2003

Sorry not to offer an answer, but please let me
point you toward:


This is a gigantic page of Metapost examples,
including (near the bottom of the page) many
plots.  I used Gnuplot some years ago, but am
totally hooked on Metapost now and really can't
help but recommend it!

By the way, the source for all the examples on the
above page, as well as the data for the plots, is
collected into a nice bundle with other stuff at


... regarding a message from Magnus Lie Hetland on Feb 19:
> Has anyone had any experience with using Gnuplot LaTeX output with
> pdfLaTeX? The basic output is an EPS picture that is included in a
> LaTeX picture environment (which is, again, included in the document
> proper). It's easy enough to convert the EPS to PDF, but i've been
> having problems with offsets etc. -- I guess perhaps my conversion has
> fouled up the bounding box. Cropping to the bounding box in Acrobat
> didn't make it much better, so now I have to manually place the PDF
> plot inside the LaTeX axis labels etc. So -- I just wondered if there
> is an automated way of doing this? (Perhaps Gnuplot itself has some
> functionality in this direction?)
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