[pdftex] Pdftex & soul

Michael Chapman mchapman at mchapman.com
Thu Apr 24 06:33:52 CEST 2003

Were would these lists be without perennial themes (pdf(la)tex, pdfcrypt, 
...) ---   ;-)>

On Wednesday 23 April 2003 7:36 pm, John Culleton wrote:
> Unfortuately the word pdftex, like the word tex, has two meanings. I use it
> to mean the command you put on the command line.  It is the user interface
> that counts. If I use the command ``pdftex'' I get an entity that responds
> in certain ways, and if I use the command ``pdflatex'' I get a completely
> different set of responses to my file.  

Robin Fairbairns may be right that there is no easy solution, but the above 
does identify a significant problem.

My first attempts at usage devolved into trying to understand the error 
messages I received to the command:
	pdftex latex_file.tex
I sorted mine out 'by myself', but the question is a recurring one on this 
list  -one can hardly say from newbies, they are actually 'wannabe newbies' 
who still haven't got it to work ...


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